Recon Jet Update – 18th July, 2014


Since the last update on June 5th, the Recon development team has been making excellent progress towards finalizing the Jet. I’d like to share with you some of the highlights from the past month, which has focused on intensive field testing and refinement of the user experience.


  • We’ve finalized the industrial design on the product and I am quite pleased. Here’s a sneak peek. You’ll notice the re-articulation of Jet’s computing engine, now raked upwards versus earlier designs. We made the change to improve the display viewing angle and camera orientation. In the process, we were also able to make the ergonomics and overall fit of the eyewear more precise.


  • Jet is being tested to IP 65 standard for water resistance, which essentially means that it will handle the worst possible rainstorm (but not be appropriate for high pressure hosing or submerging). We get a lot of rain here in Vancouver so, from a field testing perspective, we have ample opportunity to verify in the field what we learn in the lab.
  • We’ve also been aggressive with ergonomics and functional testing of the hardware, pushing new builds multiple times per week. Through this process, time-to-GPS-lock has improved dramatically as has accuracy of data recording.

Here’s a screen shot of a recent run done with Jet. All data and images were generated by the product; the presentation of that data is shown in the completely new approach we are taking with our Engage website. I’ll have more news for you on Engage later.

Tyson's QE Park Run

Jet is a high tech product and merits a high tech protective case, which we call “the hangar.” Here’s a sneak peek at a near-final design sample, able to house not only a fully assembled Jet but also spare batteries and multiple lenses.


For the next month, we are focused on continued iterative testing, final validation of the design with our manufacturer, and continued improvement on user experience in all respects. Feel free to contact me at with questions or concerns. I’ll do my best to respond as promptly as possible.

Best regards,