About Us

The Recon Instruments Team


What We Do

Recon is an Intel company. We believe that instant information, delivered in the right context, can set us free and help us fulfill our true potential. We don’t believe in compromises.

We design our products to be safe, elegant, well-balanced, and incredibly easy to use. Nothing is more important to us. Sports are a great proving ground where our designs are pushed to the limit in every respect.

Our philosophy is to live the product. Every employee is a user. We also recognize that the world is full of smart people with incredible ideas, which is why we find it so important to keep our products open to developers. We’re always ready to help developers dream up amazing new uses for our products.

Our Story

We started Recon in 2008 with the conviction that athletes could push their performance to new levels when given instant access to critical metrics. In 2010, we released the world’s first consumer heads-up display. Over the following five years, we established ourselves as the leader in smart eyewear for sports, selling more than 65,000 units across four product generations.

In 2015, Recon became an Intel company. As part of Intel, we continue to lead the smart eyewear category for sports, and we’ll bring our technology and innovation to completely new markets and use cases where activity-specific information, delivered instantly, can change the game.



Dan Eisenhardt


Dan co-founded Recon in 2008 and has been leading the team since day one. Dan was formerly a management consultant for IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and he also served in senior roles at Bavarian Nordic.

Dan’s athletic background was a key inspiration for the founding of Recon Instruments. He swam competitively at an international level, both in his native Denmark and in the United States, and he remains a passionate swimmer, cyclist, and snowboarder. Dan earned his BSc in Mechanical Engineering and MEng in Industrial Management from Aalborg University and his MBA from the University of Melbourne.


Hamid Abdollahi


Hamid co-founded Recon Instruments with Dan in 2008. His expertise in micro-electro-mechanical systems, sensors, robotics, and optical technologies laid the groundwork for the company’s creation. He previously served as a design engineer for Motion Metrics Corp and as a mechanical engineer for Honeywell.

Like many at Recon, Hamid is a passionate cyclist, snowboarder, and tennis player. Hamid earned his BEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Victoria and his MEng from the University of British Columbia.


Tom Fowler

Sales & Marketing

Tom joined Recon in July 2012 and oversees our marketing and sales strategy. Before joining the team, Tom stewarded Cervelo Cycles’ explosive development as its corporate development officer and director of sales and marketing. Tom’s 25-year career has also seen him fill senior roles at Nike and Wilson Sporting Goods.

Tom is a former professional triathlete, and he remains an avid rider, a passionate skier, and an accomplished mountaineer. He earned his BA in history from Middlebury College with a Dean’s List distinction.


Mario Palumbo


Mario joined Recon in 2014 and leads our hardware development and delivery team. Prior to joining Recon, Mario was CTO of Lighthaus VCI, a leading data analytics company. He also held multiple roles at Spectrum Signal Processing—including vice president of Advanced R&D.

In addition to being a keen tennis player, Mario enjoys spending an afternoon jamming on his guitar. Mario earned his BSc from the State University of New York, Binghamton and his PhD in condensed matter physics from Purdue University.


Tyson Miller

Consumer Products

Tyson oversees the design and delivery of our user experience on everything from Jet and ReconOS to the Engage website and mobile apps. He previously held a variety of management and entrepreneurial positions with high-growth, early-stage companies.

Tyson is a driven runner and triathlete, having completed five Ironman races and dozens of marathons. He also has experience rappelling down from helicopters to fight fires. Tyson graduated from the University of British Columbia with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and commerce.


Dave Birkenheuer

Supply Chain

Dave joined Recon in September 2012 and leads our supply-chain operations, including sourcing and vendor management. He has served in numerous operations leadership roles throughout his 25-year career, all with leading technology companies like Cadex, Spectrum Signal Processing, and LSI Logic.

When he’s not absorbed in the complex world of supply-chain management, Dave enjoys a spot of fly fishing. Dave is a graduate of York University.