• Intel® Developer Zone

    The Intel Developer Zone is now your official source for developing on Recon Jet and Jet Pro

    Intel Developer Zone

As a Recon device developer, you'll get full access to the smartphone-class operating system that underpins ReconOS 4. You'll also be able to use our SDK extensions to take full advantage of Recon device hardware. Start with our design guidelines, then explore our developer documentation, check out our samples, and learn how to distribute your app via the App Center.



An introduction to our design guidelines. Learn more.

Understanding Jet’s controls

How to keep your app as easy to operate as possible. Learn more.

Pattern building blocks

All the visual elements that constitute (and complement) a Jet app. Learn more.

Designing for Jet

Does your app design fit Jet’s usage model? Learn more.

Jet App Types

Introducing expanded apps, app panels, and app widgets. Learn more.

Styling and best practices

How to make sure your Jet app looks just right. Learn more.