Recon SDK

Get the Recon SDK 2.0.1

Download the Recon SDK to get started leveraging Recon’s advanced sensor framework and web connected Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology today.  You’ll have full access to build feature-rich applications that are able to deliver instant information to users like never before.

Please update your projects to 2.0.1 as we’ve fixed a bug that occurred when using the HTTP Request handler.

Download the Recon SDK

HUD SDK Documentation

Our SDK documentation is separated into three main sections.  If this is your first application for ReconOS we suggest starting with the General SDK documentation.  Here you’ll find general API’s available to you and their implementation details.  We also encourage you to post any questions that arise on our developer forum.  You’ll find links to each section below.

HTTP Request Documentation

Heading Service Documentation

General SDK Documentation


Sample Applications

We have two simple applications to show you how a couple of services from the Recon SDK can be implemented: the HTTP request handler and the Recon heading service.  The HTTP request handler intelligently routes your HTTP request via the best available data channel.  For example if a user is connected to both WiFi and a tethered bluetooth connection our handler will automatically attempt to use WiFi and  if that connection drops it will route via the tethered BT connection.  The second example application shows you how to use our heading service.  This service combines sensor readings from the HUD unit and gives you an accurate reading of the users heading.

Download HTTP sample application

Download Heading sample application (updated 3/19/2014)

Have questions?  Head over to the forum to get answers!