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Notice for developers

Upon the release of Recon Jet, our latest smart eyewear solution, we’re excited to announce that we will be delivering a new SDK and APIs, allowing developers to build amazing new apps for both Jet and Snow2.

With our new SDK, we will include both well documented demos and sample code, for download. Our latest operating system for both Jet and Snow2, ReconOS 4, provides developers with an OS that enables developers to easily create apps for both of our hardware solutions. In addition, we will be issuing the new human interaction design guide and resources that accompany ReconOS 4.

Furthermore, new APIs, resources, demos, and sample code will be continually released throughout the year.

At present, please continue to reference the documents currently published on this page when thinking about app development for our smart eyewear devices.

While we’re transitioning our SDK, be sure to consider the following points when developing:

  • Current Snow2 apps will be compatible with any future ReconOS updates for the current Snow2 devices.
  • When available, it’s recommended that you update your Snow2 app (or apps) to the new SDK.
  • On delivery of the new SDK, the present one will stop being supported.
  • With regards to Recon Jet – only the new SDK will be supported.

These details shouldn’t hinder any progress being made with developing apps for our devices. Our Developer Team is happy to assist ( with any questions or queries with regards to app development, and will ensure compatibility with our products.

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Its easy to get started making great apps with Recon Instruments.  Our SDK enables you to make rich applications directly on the Heads-Up Display (HUD) and our Web API gives you access to detailed information about trips and users who grant your your app permission.

When you start developing your application you’ll likely focus on one of two main areas: the Recon Instruments Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology or our web API.  Here you’ll find information on using either or both in your applications.

We also have our Community Forums where you can exchange apps, collaborate with other developers, and share ideas on how to make the best experiences come to life using technology from Recon Instruments.

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Recon Developer License Agreement (PDF)

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