Tech Spotlight: Tap Camera

Blog & Insights and Commentary – Etienne Naugle


We have added a number of features to Jet over the past several months. Tap Camera is perhaps the one that has yielded the most positive feedback.

Thanks to Tap Camera, it is now possible to shoot a photo or video by simply double-tapping anywhere on the side of Jet’s engine. This implementation makes Jet’s camera much easier to use and access. It can also save battery life by limiting time spent in the camera app. After an image capture, Tap Camera automatically closes the camera app and reverts to the previous screen.

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Six questions about Jet from the Interbike show floor

Blog & Insights and Commentary – David Lee


Last week, we headed down to Las Vegas for Interbike 2015. For the uninitiated, Interbike is North America’s biggest bike show, with over 1,000 exhibiting brands and 25,000 attendees each year. We were there to showcase Recon Jet, and over three days, we gave countless demos and answered a lot of questions.

Of all the questions we were asked, the following six came up most frequently. Here they are, along with answers:

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Recon Instruments Reduces Price of Jet Smart Eyewear to $499

Press Releases – Recon Instruments


Vancouver, BC – September 10, 2015 – Recon Instruments, an Intel company, is pleased to announce new, reduced pricing for Recon Jet, the world’s most advanced smart eyewear for sports and high-intensity environments. In the United States, Jet is now available for $499. In other countries, Jet can now be purchased for 499 EUR, 360 GBP, 469 CHF, 660 CAD, 799 AUD, or 64,500 JPY.

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Tech spotlight: Jet’s Glance Detection technology

Blog & Insights and Commentary – Etienne Naugle


A feature that always impresses new Jet users is Glance Detection. With it enabled, Jet’s display powers on when you look at it and powers off again when you look away. This has a number of advantages: curbing power utilization, improving battery life, and helping you stay focused on your surroundings. It also looks very cool in action.

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Why Wearables Are Creating a New Breed of Athletes

Blog & Insights and Commentary – Tom Fowler


In serious competitive sports, the most important catalyst for success isn’t natural ability. It’s motivation.

That’s why athletic achievement has always been so difficult to attain. Not so long ago, training meant living a solitary, monastic experience, and it meant sustaining an almost superhuman amount of motivation. Not surprisingly, only a select few made it. The rest dropped out and never got a chance to explore their full potential.

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Snap, Sync, and Share with Jet’s Camera

Blog & Insights and Commentary – Vero Best


It’s been an awesome few weeks for us here at Recon. The Wired UK cover has generated a lot of buzz, and we’ve gotten some really positive feedback about Jet and Engage.

As you know, Jet’s main mission is to give you accurate stats in real time, direct to eye. But today, I wanted to talk about another feature that makes Jet amazing: its point-of-view camera. Because Jet’s camera can tell some really incredible stories, I wanted to share three tips to help you get more out of the images it captures.

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Riding with Refuel and ANT+ Power

Blog & Insights and Commentary – Tom Fowler


Long, long before I joined Recon, I was a cyclist. In the last month, two additions came online for Recon Jet that might as well have been custom-designed for me: the Refuel app and ANT+ power support. Both have changed the way I ride in a truly substantial way, and I wanted to share why that is.

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Our Roadmap for Jet this Summer

Blog & Product Updates – Tyson Miller


Last month, Recon was acquired by Intel. The weeks leading up to and immediately following the announcement were intense, but Intel did a really amazing job of helping us through the transition. Now, we’re settling back in and doubling down on our mission: making Jet even more capable and powerful.

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Three Tips to Get More out of Jet with Engage

Blog & Insights and Commentary – Vero Best


I had a chat with George Hincapie the other day about Jet’s out-of-box experience. George made a really good point: a lot of first-time users are dying to get started, but they don’t know how to get the most out of their new Jet—and out of Engage.

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