Instant Data.
Unlimited Possibilities.

Performance Metrics. Connect to Third Party Sensors and Cameras. Smartphone Connectivity.

The World's Most Advanced Wearable Computer

Dual Core CPU. Bluetooth. Wifi. ANT+. GPS. High Resolution Display.
  • Speed is accurately calculated by GPS and barometric pressure data
  • Jump analytics show airtime either in the park, or backcountry kickers
  • Track your vertical feet by run, by day and over the course of the season
  • The onboard altimeter tracks your altitude to within 1 meter
  • Find your way around new resorts and easily track down points of interest
  • Never lose track of friends or family on the slopes again
  • View calls and read text messages immediately, as you receive them
  • Be in full control of your favourite tunes as you ski or board
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  • Smart Optics

    Smart optics ensure that you do not need to refocus your eye when viewing the HUD. Due to the innovative mirror and prism technology , all stats and data appear as if you are looking at a virtual 14" image at 5ft away.

    14 inch image at 5 feet
  • Unobtrusive View

    Snow2 sits in the bottom right side of the goggle frame. Not only do you retain a full eighty four degrees of visibility looking forward, but you also keep a full view of peripheral regions too.

    Full 84 degree visibility

Electrify Your Experience

All the information you could need completely unobtrusively and without distraction.

Snow2 is designed to enrich but never disrupt your experience. Crisp, easy to see graphics are available when you want them, and out-of-sight when you don’t.

Unobtrusive and
Effortless Information

Information screens

All of your key information is easily accessible at just a glance. Five top level screens give access to real-time stats, navigation, buddy tracking, smartphone connectivity, apps and music player control.

Bluetooth low energy remote

The Bluetooth Low Energy remote allows you to easily navigate through the display of the HUD. Housed in a waterproof casing, the oversized buttons on the remote make the HUD easy to use, even with gloves on.

Integrated into the worlds leading goggle brands

Snow2’s modular design enables it to be integrated into goggles created by many of the world’s leading goggle brands. Depending on the goggle brand, the HUD can either be purchased pre-installed or separate from the goggles, whereby you simply snap fit the HUD into the specially designed Recon Ready goggle frame.

Snow2 HUD + Recon Ready Goggle
Oakley, Smith Optics, Zeal


Alpina, Briko, Scott, Uvex

Recon Ready

Connect and Share
with the Apps You Love

Weather and lift alerts. Social media. Camera control.
The possibilities are endless.

Track Your Stats With Recon Engage

Review and relive your experiences with Recon Engage online and mobile. The smartphone app and PC/Mac software allows you to upload your trip, so you can review, interact and share with friends and family.

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Engage website

Developers. What Will You Build?

Our SDK and API enable you to use Snow2’s sophisticated hardware to build amazing native applications. Develop rich experiences using the powerful dual-core CPU, dedicated GPU, and high resolution display.

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Revolutionize your ski experience with a Snow2 heads-up display. Snow2 is available now from Recon Instruments or our goggle partners while supplies last.

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