Recon Jet Update – May 1, 2014

Blog: Product Updates – Dan Eisenhardt


Spring has sprung here in Vancouver and, with most of us (finally) digging out from winter, I know you must be eager for an update on Jet.

In my last note to you, I announced that hardware design for Jet was complete and that we were ready to start production planning. Now, I’d like to go one step further and provide you with real detail around the advancements we have made on that front as well as outline the remaining milestones and dates to get Jet out the door and into your hands.

Of all the things that keep me up at night (not including my 5-month-old son), delivering a high quality product that exceeds your expectations is at the top of the list. Doing that with the earliest possible ship date is a close second. It has recently become clear that  to meet both goals, Jet’s ship date will need to be postponed from late spring to September 25. This is a real disappointment for all of us at Recon as it must be for those of you who hoped to have Jet in time for the summer riding season. I am also mindful that this is not the first delivery delay for Jet. The team is working around the clock to get the product finished while staying true to the high product integrity principles we have sworn by since Recon’s inception more than six years ago.

As a gesture of my appreciation for your loyalty and continued support, Recon is including a spare clear lens in every Jet pre-order, an accessory worth $60 to $90. I hope you enjoy the free upgrade. Also, this summer, we will be raising the retail price on Jet from $599 to $699 USD (€699 in Europe). This price increase will not affect pre-order customers with orders already in place.

Why the change in delivery timeline?  Our own product testing, combined with late-breaking innovations by our suppliers, uncovered a number of opportunities for major improvements to the Jet user experience in high intensity environments. Specifically, we found a way to make the module-to-lens attachment mechanism more robust, improve the durability of the plastics and sealing elements, and achieve considerably better GPS antenna performance. Each of these improvements have been completed and each will have a big impact on overall Jet performance

The interval between the last update and today’s news has been too long. Going forward, and in the spirit of transparency, I am committing myself and the company to Jet updates for you on no less than a monthly basis. The dates we have fixed in the calendar for these updates, as a minimum, are the following:

  • June 5
  • July 17
  • August 7
  • September 4
  • September 25 – Jet begins shipping

Jet is truly coming into the home stretch and the product is looking and feeling great. We really appreciate your contribution to making this product a reality. We couldn’t pull it off without you.

As always, I welcome your comments, ideas and feedback at I’ll do my best to respond to your email as promptly as possible.

Best regards,


Dan Eisenhardt co-founded Recon and continues to lead the team as General Manager in Intel's New Devices Group. His athletic background was a key inspiration for Recon's creation. He swam competitively at an international level, and he remains a passionate swimmer, cyclist, and snowboarder.