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Sharing your activities with Engage

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Kevin Mann


Engage is the diary of your active life. Activity stats are central to it, but they’re not the whole story. We also built Engage to be social from the ground up. In a matter of seconds, Engage allows you to show off your freshly completed activities to friends and followers—and to make them jealous of your new Recon device!

Here are some tips on how to get started.

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Recon Instruments Releases Airwave GoPro® Connect app for Oakley® Airwave 1.5 and Recon Snow2

Press Releases – Recon Instruments


Vancouver, Canada – December 4, 2015 – Recon Instruments, an Intel company, has released a new app for skiers and snowboarders. Dubbed Airwave GoPro® Connect, the app allows winter-sports athletes to control GoPro® HERO4 cameras remotely—and to access a real-time viewfinder—using snow goggles like Oakley’s Airwave 1.5, which are equipped with Recon’s Snow2 heads-up display.

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TEDxVancouver 2015: We need wearable technology heroes

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Dan Eisenhardt

I recently had the privilege of speaking at TEDxVancouver 2015. In my talk, I spoke about the relationship between vanity and technology—how that relationship impacts the choices we make, and how dramatically that relationship can change when the conditions are right. I also shared some of my predictions about the role of wearable technology in tomorrow’s world, where we’ll be bombarded with more information than ever before.

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Recon Instruments Partners with Rochester Optical to Offer Prescription Inserts for Recon Jet

Press Releases – Recon Instruments


Vancouver, BC – November 19, 2015 – Recon Instruments, an Intel company, has partnered with Rochester Optical to deliver the first prescription inserts for Recon Jet™ (now available online). Jet is not designed to fit over other eyewear, which presents a challenge for the users who normally wear prescription glasses. Rochester Optical’s prescription insert allows those users to take full advantage of Recon Jet smart eyewear for the first time.

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Introducing the Recon SDK 4.3

Blog: Product Updates – Ali Mohazab


Today, we are releasing a major update to the Recon SDK. This update adds important new functionality and streamlines the overall SDK experience, lowering the barrier to entry for novice developers who want to write apps for Recon Jet and Snow2.

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Seeing is believing: Two athletes on why Recon Jet changes the game

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Tom Fowler


Last month in Kona, Hawaii, I had the pleasure of meeting two remarkable athletes: Joe Skipper and Paolina Allan. Both of them were in Kona for the Ironman World Championship, and both of them approached me with the aim of trying out Recon Jet. Rather than tell you what happened, I’m going to let them recount their experiences first-hand, starting with Paolina.

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Tech Spotlight: Tap Camera

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Etienne Naugle


We have added a number of features to Jet over the past several months. Tap Camera is perhaps the one that has yielded the most positive feedback.

Thanks to Tap Camera, it is now possible to shoot a photo or video by simply double-tapping anywhere on the side of Jet’s engine. This implementation makes Jet’s camera much easier to use and access. It can also save battery life by limiting time spent in the camera app. After an image capture, Tap Camera automatically closes the camera app and reverts to the previous screen.

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Six questions about Jet from the Interbike show floor

Blog: Insights and Commentary – David Lee


Last week, we headed down to Las Vegas for Interbike 2015. For the uninitiated, Interbike is North America’s biggest bike show, with over 1,000 exhibiting brands and 25,000 attendees each year. We were there to showcase Recon Jet, and over three days, we gave countless demos and answered a lot of questions.

Of all the questions we were asked, the following six came up most frequently. Here they are, along with answers:

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