Out now for Jet: ReconOS 4.4 with the Action menu

Blog: Product Updates – Monique Fritz


Our first Jet software update of 2016 is out. It’s called ReconOS 4.4, and it introduces the Action menu—a killer feature that can really speed up the way you use Jet.

To bring up the Action menu, press and hold the select button. On some of Jet’s most frequently used screens, you’ll see a list of shortcuts relevant to what you’re doing. In the Camera app, for instance, you’ll get a shortcut to the camera settings. And in the metrics dashboard, you’ll be able to jump quickly to the sensor settings.

Action menu shortcuts are also available in the notification center and in the Maps, Compass, and Music Player apps. And that’s only the beginning. We’ll add more shortcuts to upcoming ReconOS releases.

To make room for the Action menu, we had to move a couple of Jet’s other menus around. Here’s what’s changed:


  • QuickNav now comes up when you press and hold the back/power button.
  • Power Options now appears when you swipe down from the Action menu. (On screens without Action menu shortcuts, Power Options pops up as soon as you press and hold select.) Keep in mind that you can power off Jet by holding back/power until you see “Shutting Down” on the screen, too.

We know these change might take a little getting used to. But they’re more than worth it. Trust us. The Action menu means you can spend less time navigating Jet’s user interface and more time focusing on your activity—and it’s going to get even more useful over the next little while, especially once third-party developers start implementing it in their apps. That’s going to open up some really exciting possibilities.

I think you’re going to have an awesome time riding and running with the new ReconOS. And as always, if you have any comments or feedback, you can reach us at support@reconinstruments.com.