APX Skylight on Recon Jet and the beginning of a new era

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Monique Fritz


Our mission is to bring smart eyewear to every use case where it can change the game. We’ve been doing that with Recon Jet in endurance sports—and now, we’ve started driving the same transformation in the enterprise.

Last week, APX Skylight became available for Recon Jet. Skylight is the leading software solution for enterprise wearables, and in combination with Jet, it has the potential to effect profound change in areas like field service, maintenance, and manufacturing.

With Skylight on Jet, workers can access critical information without taking their eyes and hands off the job. They can collaborate remotely with colleagues using Jet’s point-of-view camera. They can even control smart machines and interface with ERP systems. That means work can be completed more efficiently with fewer interruptions, which in turn means reduced equipment downtime, higher production quality, and lower costs.

These improvements aren’t just bottom-line boosters. They’re critical for enterprises that want to stay competitive. Forward-looking companies in this space understand that leveraging new tools and new technologies is the surest way to success. Relying on yesterday’s tools and methods may work out well enough in the short term, but it can lead to stagnation—and that can have catastrophic effects.

That’s why Skylight on Jet is so exciting. Enterprises can use it to hone their competitive edge and stay ahead of the curve, and they can do so right now. Skylight on Recon Jet is ready for deployment today.

For us, this is just the beginning. We’re going to continue working closely with APX Labs and other partners, and we’re going to keep driving the enterprise smart eyewear revolution. Watch this space; it’s going to be big.

If you’re at Mobile World Congress this week, visit the Intel booth to demo Skylight on Jet.