Get notifications about almost anything with IFTTT on Jet

Blog: Product Updates – Monique Fritz


Today, Recon Jet gained a feature I’ve always wanted: IFTTT support. (Update: with ReconOS 4.5, this feature is now also on Snow2.)

IFTTT stands for “if this then that,” and it’s a powerful way to get more out of your favorite devices and web services. On Jet, it means you can get notifications about almost anything you can think of. All you do is pick a service and decide what it should notify you about, and IFTTT does the rest.

Here are examples of what I’ve set up:

  • ESPN: Get a notification on your Jet when your team scores.
  • Weather: Get a notification if the UV index goes above 6.
  • Twitter: Be notified if someone tweets you.
  • Gmail: Be notified if you get a message from a certain address.


Remember, this is all totally customizable. ESPN can send you breaking news or final scores. Weather alerts can be about temperature or wind speed. And so on.

Getting started with IFTTT on Jet is super easy. First, register an account on the IFTTT website Then, follow these steps to create a “recipe” like the examples above:

  1. On the IFTTT website, click “My Recipes,” then “Create Recipe.”
  2. Click “this” to pick a trigger channel (example: ESPN) and a trigger (example: “Breaking news for team”).
  3. Click “that” to set your action channel (Recon) and action (“Send a notification to my Recon device”).
  4. Tweak the notification template if you want, then click “Create Action.”
  5. Pick a name for your recipe, then click “Create Recipe.”

That’s it. Now, you’ll get notifications from your new recipe on your Jet. (Just make sure you’re connected with the Engage app for iOS and Android.)

IFTTT opens up a huge amount of potential on Jet. The examples above only scratch the surface: IFTTT has 273 channels in all, and that number is growing all the time. Soon, we’ll add Engage as a trigger channel, so you’ll be able to do things like tweet automatically when you hit a new maximum speed. That’s going to let Jet users be more connected and more social than ever—really exciting stuff.

On a broader note, this all shows just how strong and flexible Jet is as a platform. With smartphone-class hardware and software, there’s almost no limit to what Jet can do. That’s why we’re able to add features like this and keep building them out over time. And it’s why our App Center just keeps getting bigger.