Bringing Recon Jet to first responders with Mutualink

Blog: Insights and Commentary – Monique Fritz


Recon Jet was built for endurance sports, but its power, ergonomics, and rugged design open the door to a wealth of other applications. Following our entry into the enterprise space, we’ve now partnered with Mutualink to bring Recon Jet to yet another category of users: first responders.

Firefighters, medical personnel, police officers, and SWAT teams can benefit tremendously from Jet. Today, those folks rely on displays in emergency vehicles to access mission-critical information. But when out in the field, they have to fall back on voice-only radios, greatly limiting their situational awareness and their ability to coordinate with other personnel.

Jet solves this problem by placing a micro-LCD display just below a first responder’s right eye. This display can deliver real-time visual information from a secure network, and it can be accessed at a glance without obstructing the responder’s field of view—all completely hands-free.

As a full-fledged wearable computer with an integrated camera and networking capabilities, Jet can assist first responders in other key ways:

  • Because it can capture live video footage and stream it securely to ground personnel and remote command centers, Jet presents a clear advantage over traditional body cameras. Those cameras can miss important situational elements when the responder’s hands and arms get in the way—and they generally can’t stream live footage over a network, either. Jet’s camera truly reflects the wearer’s point of view.
  • Jet can capture and transmit a first responder’s GPS location in real time, and when paired with wireless biometric sensors (e.g. heart-rate monitors), it can also transmit live vitals—an important feature in the chaotic, high-stress environments where first responders operate.

Put together, these tools can greatly facilitate critical decision-making in life-or-death situations.


Mutualink’s implementation is already well underway. It builds on the company’s previous collaboration with Intel on the Internet of public safety things, and it allows Jet to stream video over both commercial and FirstNet 4G wireless networks, enabling connectivity with Mutualink’s IRAPP—the largest interoperable emergency network in the United States, used by over 1,000 agencies.

We’re also working closely with Mutualink to stage feedback sessions with first responders across the country. Those sessions will help us optimize the way Jet presents and shares information in the field. The next step will be to run field trials ahead of a first product release, which we’re expecting to take place in the second quarter of 2016.

This is an exciting development, and we look forward to seeing Recon Jet used out in the field with Mutualink’s technology.