Recon Instruments Partners with Professional Triathletes Tim Don, Joe Skipper

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Triathletes Tim Don and Joe Skipper

Vancouver, Canada – March 4, 2016 – Recon Instruments, an Intel company, has entered multi-year partnerships with two professional triathletes: four-time world champion Tim Don and new talent Joe Skipper. The two triathletes recognized the unique benefits Recon Jet smart eyewear provides as a training tool for cycling and running, and today, they both utilize Jet as an integral part of their structured-training programs.

Tim Don’s long and illustrious career has seen him earn four world-champion titles—1998 Junior World Triathlon Champion, 2005 ITU Duathlon World Champion, 2005 ITU Aquathlon World Champion, and 2006 ITU Triathlon World Champion—and compete in the Olympics three times. In 2014, he was the winner at Ironman Mallorca. In 2015, he earned gold at four separate Ironman 70.3 events: Monterrey, Brasilia, St George, and Ecuador.

“Training with world-class athletes like Mo Farah and Spencer Smith in my early years showed me the importance of data,” said Don. “I’ve had an amazing career at the ITU and 70.3 distances, but I’m now transitioning to longer events, and that calls for more structured and data-driven training. Recon Jet is the best tool for that situation. It lets me monitor my numbers as closely as I want without making me change my posture, break aero position, or burn extra energy. That’s just not possible with any other product.”

Joe Skipper has shown both incredible ability and incredible potential during his his five-year career as a professional triathlete, earning podium finishes at Ironman UK 2013, Ironman UK 2014, Ironman Texas 2015, and Ironman UK 2015.

“I know I can be up there with the best if I play my cards right,” said Skipper. “Training by the numbers is a big part of that. The first time I read about Recon Jet was on social media, and I knew immediately how big a help it could be. When I tried it for the first time, I was a convert. Jet makes it so much easier to track my numbers and to concentrate on hitting my goals for each session. Compared to smartwatches and cycle computers, it’s like night and day. It’s a really fantastic piece of kit.”

“We’re delighted to have Tim Don and Joe Skipper join our roster of Recon athletes,” said Tom Fowler, Director of Sales and Marketing for Head-Worn Devices at Intel. “We’re deeply committed to endurance sports, and these multi-year partnerships with exceptional triathletes underscore the depth and extent of our commitment.”

Don and Skipper are not the first triathletes to partner with Recon. In June 2015, the company entered a partnership with Ironman champion Andrew Starykowicz. That partnership followed a long informal collaboration that saw Starykowicz contribute to Recon Jet’s development. Like Don and Skipper, Starykowicz relies extensively on Jet to execute his structured-training sessions.

Recon Jet is true sports eyewear built from the ground up for cyclists, runners, and triathletes. Jet delivers live activity metrics, interactive GPS maps, and other key information on a high-contrast display positioned just below the athlete’s right eye. By making it possible for athletes to access the data they need without changing their posture or taking their eyes off the road, Jet enables smarter and more effective training. Jet’s modular design also makes it easy to swap in optional accessory lenses and spare batteries on the go, allowing for prolonged use at any hour, in any weather.

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