Designing for Jet

Jet is a fundamentally different type of device than a smartphone or a tablet, and its usage model follows very different rules.

Users are not expected to focus on Jet’s display for long periods of time; instead, Jet’s entire purpose is to provide bite-sized pieces of information at a glance. Similarly, Jet has more limited input capabilities than a phone or tablet. That’s why we designed ReconOS to keep interface interactions as brief and straightforward as possible.

When designing apps for Jet, you should keep asking yourself, “Is what I’ve designed easier to do on a phone?” If the answer is yes, then you risk making users feel bogged down. If the answer is no, then your users will feel empowered and will enjoy using your app.

In fact, we recommend putting yourself in the user’s shoes throughout the design process:

  • Think about what most people will do most of the time, and focus on that functionality.
  • Try not to interrupt users with irrelevant information or to overwhelm them with too many configuration options.
  • If your app is going to be used during an activity, limit interaction as much as possible, and keep information easy to consume with a glance. Nobody wants to scroll through menus while trying to beat their lap time!

Keep in mind, too, that you can use information from Jet’s sensors to determine what users are doing.


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