The Different Shapes of a Jet App

A single Jet app can appear to users in three different forms: as an expanded app, an app panel, and an app widget.

Expanded apps are accessible from the My Apps launcher on Jet’s home menu. App panels and app widgets are accessible once the user begins an activity through the home menu’s New Activity launcher.


Expanded apps

In ReconOS, expanded apps are the closest equivalents to standard smartphone or tablet apps. They can take up the entire screen, often without showing the status bar. They can incorporate their own hierarchies of panels and menus, and they can make full use of all of Jet’s inputs. Expanded apps are the most full-featured types of Jet apps.

App panels

App panels are pared-down versions of expanded apps designed to be used during activities. They can be accessed by swiping horizontally from the metrics dashboard. App panels can appear on either side of the metrics dashboard, but never above or below it.

Generally, an expanded app should have only one corresponding app panel. Since app panels are meant to be used mid-activity, they should display information that can be consumed quickly with a glance. For users who need more information or functionality, app panels can also act as shortcuts to the corresponding expanded apps.

App panels must always display the status bar. Interaction with them must be limited to the select button and vertical swipes. (Horizontal swipes are used to navigate across different app panels, while the back/power button is used to return to the home menu.)

App Panels

App widgets

While app panels sit alongside the metrics dashboard, app widgets are integrated into it. App widgets share space with individual metrics widgets and, as a result, should generally contain only a single piece of data.

Unlike app panels, app widgets are not interactive and cannot act as shortcuts to expanded apps.


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