Understanding Jet’s Controls

To design your app, you should have a good grasp of Jet’s control scheme—and particularly of which controls to use in which scenarios.

The optical touchpad

Jet’s optical touchpad is located on the side of the engine. It registers horizontal and vertical swipes, which ReconOS interprets as follows:

  • Swiping forward (toward your nose) navigates toward the right in the user interface.
  • Swiping backward (toward your ear) navigates toward the left.
  • Swiping down navigates down.
  • Swiping up navigates up.


The two-button rocker

Jet’s two-button rocker sits on the underside of the engine. It comprises select and back/power buttons, each of which can activate different functions depending on whether it’s pressed or pressed and held. Those functions are as follows:

  • Select
    • Pressing select takes the user down through the interface hierarchy, toggles options, and activates selected items.
    • Pressing and holding select for 3 seconds brings up the QuickNav menu, which provides shortcuts to the camera, notifications, music player, smartphone connection settings, and home menu.
  • Back/power
    • Pressing back/power takes the user up through the interface hierarchy, cancels actions, and dismisses overlays.
    • Pressing and holding back/power for 3 seconds brings up the Option menu, which includes Display Off and Shutdown functions.

The back/power button can also be pressed for 7 seconds to perform a hard shutdown.



Jet’s controls are all designed to be operated as quickly and easily as possible during users’ activities. Because these controls are physically and functionally different from one another, however, some are slightly easier to use than others.

Horizontal (backward and forward) swipes are the easiest to execute. Button presses rank second in ease of use, and vertical swipes rank third.

Consequently, we recommend making horizontal swipes your app’s primary navigation method. ReconOS makes extensive use of horizontal layouts, and it limits the number of hierarchical levels in order to keep button presses to a minimum.


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