Recon Jet

Smarter eyewear. Built by athletes for athletes.

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A smarter way
to train.


    All your metrics displayed live, just below your right eye. How's that for speed?


    Get the info you need without compromising your posture. A flicker of the eye is enough.

Open to developers.

Jet is more than smart eyewear for athletes. With its smartphone-class software and open development kit, it has the potential to be anything you want.

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Jet at a glance.

Intelligent Display

Jet’s display is equivalent to a 30” screen viewed from 7 feet (2 m) away. It’s crisp and vibrant in all lighting conditions—and thanks to our patented Glance Detection technology, it wakes up instantly when you glance down, then turns off again when you look away, minimizing distractions and maximizing power efficiency.

Point-of-view camera

Jet’s camera captures photos and video instantly with a double tap. And because Jet’s display doubles as a viewfinder, you’ll always frame your shot perfectly.

Computing, sensors, and connectivity

Jet’s smartphone-class processor backs an onboard GPS and a comprehensive sensor suite: accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, barometer, and magnetometer. Need more? Jet features ANT+, Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0), and Wi-Fi connectivity. And it even pairs with your smartphone to get caller ID, SMS notifications, and access to social media.

Swappable Lithium-ion battery

Jet’s battery snaps on opposite the engine for optimal weight balance. It’s also swappable, so Jet can always go as far as you can.

Optical touchpad and two-button rocker

No matter the weather, interacting with Jet is a breeze. Just swipe and click. Wearing gloves? No problem.

Performance eyewear and lenses

More than just groundbreaking technology, Jet is also true performance eyewear. Highly adjustable ear stems and nosepieces help Jet conform to any user, and four interchangeable lens options have been impact-tested and provide full UVA and UVB protection. Jet’s polarized lenses also cut out glare for maximum visual clarity.