ReconOS 4

for Recon Snow2

Completely redesigned for high performance.

Introducing the most advanced operating system ever for Recon's Snow2 heads-up display. With super-charged core functionality and advanced new features, ReconOS 4 revolutionizes HUD performance. Your smartphone pairs and re-connects effortlessly, every time. Battery life is massively upgraded for all day power from first lift up to last run down. And Snow2's user interface has been completely rebuilt with intuitive functionality.

ReconOS 4 is more than just a set of feature upgrades.
It redefines heads-up display performance for alpine athletes.

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Quick Navigation
Quick Navigation.

Your most important features, instantly accessible.

You need to get key apps, fast. With the all-new Quick Nav feature, notifications like missed calls and texts are just a touch away. Access them with a simple push and hold of the remote control Select button. You can even manage your smartphone set-up directly from Quick Nav.


Your alpine day, the way you want it.

A day on the mountain is about more than just lapping top to bottoms. With ReconOS 4, you control the experience. Start, pause and re-start activity tracking to account for breaks in the action. And throughout the day, you can review how much vert you've bagged and speed you've achieved, then share your accomplishments to Facebook. With ReconOS 4 you have the tools to record, build and share an accurate profile of your alpine day.


Your smartphone, instantly integrated.

During a hard-charging alpine day, your phone belongs in your pocket.Now, caller ID, texts and music information automatically appear in the Snow2 display so you're never out of touch. With our new Engage mobile apps for iOS and Android, pairing with Snow2 is incredibly simple. And reconnecting for day 2 is even easier. Say goodbye to fumbling for your phone with frozen fingers.

New Mobile App Required
Mapping, Redefined.

Find, connect and explore an entirely new way.

We started by loading over 600 resort maps onto Snow2. Then we turbocharged them. With ReconOS 4, map perspectives rotate precisely as you adjust the direction you are looking. Key points of interest pop up, aiding navigation. Friends' locations are clearly shown, making it easy to keep your alpine posse together on even the biggest terrain. And with the Recon Engage mobile apps (iOS and Android), anyone can join the party with friend tracking, even without a a Snow2.

Music in your pocket.

Control your favorite smartphone music app like Spotify and Rdio with Snow2's glove-friendly remote control. Your tunes, easily controlled with gloves on, fingers warm, phone safe in the pocket.

New Mobile App Required

Share Instantly.

Don't wait to share your alpine achievements. With a touch, upload your Snow2 day to Facebook. Comments and likes coming in? Enjoy those in Snow2's display, in real time.

New Mobile App Required

Charged, all day long.

ReconOS 4 delivers up to 30% longer battery life versus earlier operating systems. From first lift up to last run down, you've got the power.